We are currently looking for partners in the new Erasmus Plus programme and other EU funded programmes. Please note that we are interested in collaborating with organisations across Europe, however, our base is in the UK and Spain.


We work with:

• Universities and higher education institutions

• Further Education Colleges and Vocational Training Centres

• Schools, youth organisations, and sports groups

• Private training companies

• Social enterprises, charities and NGOs


Areas we can work together:

• Partnership in EU funded work experience programmes - sending or hosting in the UK and Spain;

• EU funded research projects and sharing of good practice;

• Business development and support - we provide project management and bid writing services.


Please contact us at info@3si.org.uk.

Work With Us


Are you looking for a work experience abroad?


3Si offers a range of European funded paid internship opportunities through the Erasmus Plus Programme in various sectors.


Current sectors include:

- Energy Efficiency

- Community Development

- Digital Social Media

- Teaching English (TSOL)

- Tourism, hospitality and catering


These positions are ideal for recent graduates or career changers seeking to gain valuable international work experience in their chosen career field.


You can send your CV to cvs@3si.org.uk or apply via the application form.


Please note:

EU funded programmes are only open to EU citizens


Do you want to know more about our Language courses and Summer Language Camps?


Please contact us at info@3si.org.uk